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KTEC Group Labelling & Barcode Systems introduce the LX900e Colour Label Printer from Primera!

Print Full-Colour Labels Fast and On-demand!

The LX900e from the front

The LX900e is Primera's newest, fastest and most economical to operate colour label printer. The LX900e utilises the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant, colourful labels for your products, boxes and packaging. Individual ink tanks for each colour let you replace only the colours that need replacing. You'll save time and money on every job you print.

Printed labels can include photos graphics, illustrations and text - even high-resolution linear or data matrix barcodes!

Economical to Operate and Maintain!

Photo of the individual ink cartridgesThe LX900e has individual ink tanks for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This means you only need to replace the ink tanks that have been depleted instead of the entire ink cartridge saving money on every label you print. You'll also be printing "greener" by not wasting ink if your label designs use more of one colour than another.

The print head is designed to be semi-permanent. If a replacement is ever required simply snap it in and out of the printer - no tools are required!

The LX900e also includes a software based label print costing tool so that you can see how much your label designs are costing you to print.


The LX900e viewed from the side2 year warranty on UK Primera printersThe LX900e printer package includes...


Gray market import warningBEWARE "GRAY IMPORT" PRIMERA PRODUCTS!
Primera printers for sale by companies outside the UK may look attractively priced on first inspection, however Primera do not offer any warranty within the UK on these products and you may not be able to obtain any technical support. Make certain that you buy from a Primera authorized dealer like KTEC Group to get a full 2 year warranty and dedicated technical support. You can now easily identify a European sourced LX900 by the "e" suffix to the model number LX900e.


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